COVID-19 UPDATE - 19th JULY 2021

Relaxation of Covid Restrictions at Ludlow Golf Club

As of Monday 19th July Covid restrictions on the playing of golf and use of its facilities are to be relaxed. What does this mean for Ludlow Golf Club?
On-Course Items
• All golf course furniture will be returned to normal use, including standard hole cups, bunker rakes and ball-washers. Flagsticks can be removed from the hole during play as required.
Practice Facilities
• Practice areas, including driving ranges, practice nets and indoor facilities, may operate without any restrictions on the number of users.
Professional Shop & Lockers
• Pro shops, changing facilities and other indoor areas will revert to pre-pandemic operations. Face coverings will no longer be mandatory but left to the discretion of the members.
• The clubhouse and hospitality areas will revert to pre-pandemic operations. Face coverings will no longer be mandatory but left to the discretion of the members. The rule of six is no longer in force but we would request members to be respectful of each other’s health & safety requirements.
• Bar opening hours will revert to the summer standard opening hours 11am to 9pm (the bar may close earlier at times of low occupancy).
Hand sanitiser stations will remain available for use in strategic positions around the club and Professional shop.
Competitions and Scoring
• Competition and scoring for handicap functions, including the registration process, handling and submitting of scorecards, and score entry on PSI terminals will revert to pre-pandemic operations. Please Sanitise your hands before and after using the PSI terminal – sanitiser will be provided.
Rules of Golf and Handicap Provisions
• Coronavirus-related changes to the rules of golf and all handicapping provisions that enabled the game to be played competitively are to be removed. The temporary rule re placing in bunkers no longer applies and the ball should be played as it lies.
• Please ensure the bunkers are raked after use and are left as you would want to find them.

Although restrictions are relaxed the virus has not gone away and members are requested to conduct themselves with due care and attention for the staff and patrons of the Golf Club. The Management Board thank all members for their adherence to the covid rules throughout the Pandemic, your co-operation has contributed to keeping members safe whilst enjoying the pursuit of Golf.


COVID 19 Questions & Answers

Q. When will the course be open?
A. Once we have confirmation from the Government that it is safe to do so

Q. I don’t think it is safe to open yet why are you doing it?
A. We will only open the golf course once the Government advises it is safe to do so. We will also ensure that our facilities comply with any government restrictions as the health and safety of our members and staff are our key priority.

Q. Why can’t I turn up to play when I want to?
A. To ensure all members have an opportunity to play a game of golf we need to manage the number of people on our golf facilities due to the social distancing requirements. To do this, requires robust controls, so a booking system is essential to ensure the health and safety of members and staff.

Q Can I get any food & drink before or after the game
A. We envisage that any easing of restrictions may not permit the sale of food or drink before and after the game as this would encourage members to congregate, this would be a breach of social distancing measures. We will continue to monitor and review this situation and provide such a service when it is permitted and safe to do so.

Q. Will I have to wear a face mask to play?
A. This will depend on government advice, although, if a member feels it is beneficial for them then they should do so. Members are asked not to dispose of used face masks within any of our facilities due to the health and safety of our employees.

Q. What if I need to use the toilet facilities?
A. The toilets in the gents and ladies changing room will be available, when using the toilets members must observe the one -way system in operation which is signposted. Please ensure you comply with the social distancing measures of 2 metres.

Q. I hit a few balls on the range before I play, can I do that?
A. Yes, you may do so providing you check with the Pro shop that there is an available slot.

Q. Will the putting green/Chipping green be open?
A. Yes, you may do so providing you check with the Pro shop that there is an available slot a maximum of 2 people will be allowed on the putting green and one person on the chipping green at any one time.

Q. How long can I spend practicing my putting?
A. A maximum of 10 minutes, this is to allow other members an opportunity to use this facility

Q. How long can I spend on the range, Practice area, Chipping Green
A. A maximum of 30 minutes for both the range and chipping green and 60 minutes for the practice area, this is to allow other members an opportunity to use these facilities.

Q. I play in a regular group, can we do that as normal?
A. The pro shop will endeavor to assist in booking for regular groups of members, seniors, ladies, groups of friends, etc. However, management of any non-official competitions would need to be done by members electronically, also groups would not be permitted to turn up more than 10 minutes before their tee. Once members finish their game they would need to leave the club premises. No waiting for other members to finish their rounds will be allowed in this current phase of operation.

Q. Will the course still be reserved for ladies on a Tuesday?
A. Refer to answer above

Q. Will the Pro shop be open?
A. Yes, using the social distancing measures, our staff will have all of the necessary personal protection

Q, Will the monthly competitions be on as usual?
A. In phase 1 of our opening, there will be no competitions

Q. Will bookings be taken by visitors?
A. Our current policy is that members' guests or visitors will not be allowed on the course. We will continue to monitor and review this policy.

Q. If I want to turn up in the car park and just go to the chipping area why do I need to go to the pro shop, surely I am protecting the pro shop staff by not going to the shop?
A. As explained during the initial re-opening phase we will require robust controls in place to ensure we comply with social distancing measures. To do this, we need to limit the number of members using these facilities. We believe we are not compromising our staff as they have the appropriate Personal protective equipment in place.

Q. I would prefer to play alone, is that possible with your booking system?
A. Yes, if a member wishes to play on their own they may do so.

Q. What should I do if I see members not complying with the restrictions?
A. Please report this to the Pro shop or a member of the Board.
Q. Will I be able to make multiple bookings?
A. The booking system will only permit one live booking at a time, once you have played your game you can then make a further booking. This process has been put in place to allow all members an opportunity to book a game of golf.

COVID-19 - On Course Items

Following yesterday’s email in respect of our re-opening plan and in the anticipation of easing of Government restrictions for outdoor activities, we would like to share with you the course set up preparations that have been implemented.

On-Course Items

* All rakes have been removed.
* Ball washers and drinking fountains are covered up.
* Benches and bins must not be used, players will need to take their litter home and dispose of safely.
* All other removable items have been removed, except the stakes defining areas of the course and these may be treated as immovable obstructions.

Hole and Flagstick

* Flagsticks should remain in the hole and not be touched.
* The hole liner is arranged such that the ball will not drop below the level of the green so you may retrieve the ball without touching the flagstick.

Again, we would emphasise that the course remains closed until such times as the government confirms we may open. Although, given the recent speculation within the media, we aim to be prepared to open the course as soon as we are permitted to do so. In the meantime, stay safe, healthy, and watch out for our further communications this week.

Board of Directors

COVID-19 - Before The Round

Looking at the category, before the round, and In trying to second guess what the next phase of restrictions will look like, we have developed several scenarios that are detailed below. Although, which scenario we will implement cannot be decided until the government provides the appropriate guidelines, which hopefully we will know on Sunday and we will communicate this to you.

Scenario 1
18 Holes with a maximum of 2 players in any one tee time, play to commence from 1st Tee Only

Scenario 2
18 Holes with 3 or 4 players in any one tee time, play to commence from 1st Tee Only (dependant on social distance restrictions)

Scenario 3
9 holes with a maximum of 2 players in any one tee time, play to commence from both the 1st and 10th Tees. (only If government stipulates maximum outdoor activity to 2/3 hours)
We are sure you appreciate that we must abide by any restrictions applied by the Government, also to ensure that we operate within the guidelines suggested by R&A, PGA and to avoid bringing our golf club into disrepute. As you can imagine, to do so we will require robust controls so that we provide each member with an opportunity to play golf safely and healthily, so our approach will be as follows;

All players must book through the pro shop, or How did I do app, during May no visitors will be allowed. Any members not having access to the electronic booking will need to phone the Pro Shop. The Club will do its best to accommodate the various sections (Ladies, Seniors, etc) and traditional groups who have played their golf together over the years.
There is to be a minimum of 10-minute intervals between tee times. Members should endeavor to be on time to tee off at the allotted time as failure to do so may mean the loss of the slot with no opportunity to re-book on the day.

Arrival and Waiting to Play
The clubhouse will be closed however toilet facilities will be available in locker rooms using a one- way system. We are currently creating a video that will demonstrate access in and out of the toilets using this system, this will be uploaded to the website. All players are asked to maintain the appropriate social distancing whilst in the car park and should leave their cars no more than 10 minutes before they are due to play. Shoes should be changed in the car park. Players must report to the Pro shop before proceeding to the course, driving range, or any practice area. At any one time, only 3 people on the practice area and only 1 person on the practice chipping green will be allowed. No more than two players are to use the putting green at any one time. Members are asked to be respectful of others and to limit their time on the green. Following the use of any practice areas, members should thoroughly wash their hands.

There will be markers to maintain social distance on the approach and surrounding area of the Pro shop. Please observe these and obey all reasonable instructions from staff as to when to approach the Pro shop. No trolleys, carts, or other items will be available for hire unless agreed beforehand with the Pro- shop, to ensure they are properly sanitised. Only 1 person per buggy unless from the same household. Members may continue to use their buggies and carts, where these are kept at the club, members should ensure that these are sanitised after their round of golf.

Board of Directors

COVID-19 During The Round

Looking at our next category, During the round, we would ask members to comply with the following:

Teeing Areas
Golfers should keep 2 metres apart on teeing areas due to the normal proximity of golfers to one another when tee shots are being played. Golfers should stand at the side, using the 2-metre rule and not behind as medical evidence suggests this is safer and helps prevent onward transmission of any virus.

Golfers should stay a minimum of 2 metres apart when walking to the ball, searching for a ball, and playing shots. Golfers should not touch stray balls.

Given rakes have been removed golfers should make every effort to smooth the sand using their club and/or their feet.

The Green
Golfers should keep 2 metres apart on the green and not touch the flagstick

If members approach a green or playing area and green keepers are in the vicinity, we ask that members allow greenkeepers to take priority before playing their shots.

Behaviour on the course
We would ask that all members whilst on the course to respect the restrictions placed upon them to ensure that members and staff remain safe and that we comply with all government restrictions. Should any member observe any other members failing to comply with the restrictions then please report this to the Pro shop or a member of the board.

We are currently compiling a members frequently asked Question & Answers document that we will be placing on our website. However, in the meantime should you have any particular questions that you would like to ask us then please submit these to

Board of Directors

COVID-19 After The Round

After the Round

During the COVID restrictions, we would ask members to take any golf equipment (including trollies) home and not to store such items at the club. Social distancing is as important after a round as it is before and during the round, so when the round is over please leave the course and clubhouse area immediately so that there are no gatherings around the clubhouse, pro shop area, or car park. After changing your shoes please return home.

Rules of Golf Related Matters
Initially, golf will be on a social basis only. If competitions are introduced the following provisions are considered acceptable temporarily:

Forms of Play and Scoring
Non-competition play will be used during the initial period of golf being played, and stroke play competitions involving players in different groups will be avoided. When and if competitive stroke play is played, a method of scoring needs to be used that does not require the exchanging of scorecards. Methods of scoring in stroke play that does not strictly comply with Rule 3.3b, or does not comply with the normal methods used under Rule 3.3b will be used.

Golfers should take due care when smoothing bunkers, leaving them in a condition they would be happy to find if they played into the bunker.

Golfers are required to leave the flagstick in the hole at all times and not to touch it.

Hole and Holed
The hole liner (sometimes referred to as the hole ‘cup’) is to be set in a way that means that all of the ball cannot be below the surface of the putting green, so the ball is considered holed if any part of it is below the surface of the putting green.

Board of Directors


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